Photo by Brad Crooks www.TrippingTheGlobe.com

“Bloggy Conference is first and foremost designed with community and information as its cornerstone.”

Bloggy Squad Leaders are an amazing addition to your conference line up. They help to bring a feeling of community to their niche before the conference and cultivate discussion during the event. Bloggy Squad Leaders should emulate the principles in which Bloggy Moms and Bloggy Conference was founded:

We are currently seeking Squad Leaders on topics such as these and more:

  • Foodie Bloggers
  • Affiliate Bloggers
  • Fashion & Beauty Bloggers
  • Parenting Bloggers
  • Lifestyle Bloggers
  • Photography
  • Newbies
  • Technology
  • Personal Finance

What does a Squad Leader do?

Squad Leaders lead an informal discussion among influencers in their niche. Bloggy Squad time is at the end of sessions on Saturday where attendees break off into small groups focused on specific topics. This is a time to ask questions, discuss issues, make friends, and create collaborations. It is extremely informal and no outline, draft or speech needs to be made by Squad Leaders. Be prepared with a few conversation starters and allow everything to flow from there.

Squad leaders are expected to lead a general discussion for their squad during that time. Squad leaders should adapt to the atmosphere and tone of the Squad and lead discussion according to the needs and interest of their group.

In exchange for leading discussion during this time – Bloggy Squad Leaders are given a 6-month ad space in the Bloggy Moms Newsletter as well as recognition on the Bloggy Conference website. The Bloggy Moms Newsletter Ad Space to begin in October 2021.