Alex Sanfilippo
Speaker 2019


How to Grow Your Brand Beyond Your Blog


Bloggy Masterminds Bonus Session


Ah. The dreaded speaker bio! Where do I begin? I’ll mention a few things I love. Helping people, Star Wars (Ep. 1-6 only), content creation and business coaching. (In that order) Oh, and public speaking. I love speaking and sharing my experience because I know it helps people. And that’s what I’m all about; adding value to other people’s lives and helping them go further.

Whether you’re pursuing a side hustle or full-time venture, Alex Sanfilippo decodes how to successfully create a brand. Currently, Alex, a business coach as well as an SEO expert, is building a substantial community for entrepreneurs through his company Creating A Brand.


Bloggers, we have a problem. Our website traffic is dropping because the digital world is getting noisier. Our blogs are competing with social media more than ever before. Thankfully, there is a solution. In this session, I'll cover how we can continue to grow our traffic while increasing engagement without spending loads of additional time making it happen.

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