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Proven Ways to Make Passive Income Online

Proven Ways to Make Passive Income Online

Mar 2017

First, let’s differentiate between passive income and active income.

Active income is where you earn each time you perform an action. Examples are sponsored articles or posts to your blog. They can be sponsored videos on your YouTube, sponsored uploads to your Facebook or Instagram account. Essentially, it is any time where you are paid a set amount per your action. You must be actively doing something to earn that money. Another example, being paid a set amount of money per hour to work. You are trading your time for money.

Passive income is our focus today. This is when you earn multiple times per one action. Essentially, an income on auto-pilot. This is why we love social media. This is one of the best ways to generate a passive income. It will take work. If it were easy, everyone would be doing this! It will take some time to set up this method of income, and it will take time to learn how to do this. But you can do it!

Proven Ways to Make Passive Income Online

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is essentially a commission per sale that you generate. So if this is commission per sale then why is this not active income? Unlike selling physical products in a store or sales situation – you don’t have to repeatedly give your time to the sale of the item.

Create a video, social post or blog post that includes affiliate links. Do not randomly throw affiliate links into the content – give your audience reason to click over and make the purchase. Do you recommend the product, have you used the product? Put together a list of items you suggest for travel, for building a home office, products for editing videos and images, for creating the perfect getaway – and add affiliate links to those items that you recommend.

Affiliate earnings aren’t necessarily large, but they stack up over time. The more articles you create as you build your audience – the more earnings you can stack and receive over time.

You will need an audience to begin building affiliate earnings. But that should be your goal anyway. Don’t ignore affiliate marketing because you think the earnings are too small per sale. Once you’ve built an audience and an archive – you may wish that your content was peppered with paying links.

Digital Products

This is one of our favorite passive income options. It can range from ebooks to images and the beauty of it is that you need only create the book or image once, and sell it multiple times.

Did you know that you can upload your images and videos to sites like iStock, sell them and earn money? Have you created great stock photos or videos? Sell them online, multiple times. Earn passively as they become more popular.

Create an ebook and sell it straight from your site, social accounts or on platforms such as Kindle. Sell digital courses on Udemy. What do you do best? Create a course and teach others!

Ad Space

This is our least favorite, but you shouldn’t ignore it. The amount earned through ad space can vary greatly depending on your content. There are many ad networks that offer ad placement for publishers. If your audience doesn’t click on ads, you may not generate a lot from them. However, if you have an audience type that does utilize ads – you’ll want to implement ads strategically throughout your site.

We love ad networks such as GumGum, MGID, and Mediavine. We’ve found that Amazon’s ads work well on sites where the audience is already seeking to make a purchase. Amazon is easy to begin using and implement on your site right away. If your site is newer, you may need to stick with Amazon or Adsense until you’ve built a large enough audience to be accepted by better paying ad networks.

Ads can also be placed within YouTube videos. We love the evergreen atmosphere that YouTube creates, which makes it a great place to not only grow your audience but to earn an income by monetizing your videos as you grow your subscriber list.

Check out more ways to earn a passive income online from Bloggy Conference 2016 & 2017 speaker, Roberto Blake.

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