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Make Money and Build Your Brand on Instagram

Make Money and Build Your Brand on Instagram

Mar 2017

Though we encourage balance in all areas of life, from work to home – being a social media fanatic can pay off.

Marketing via Instagram offers social media users the ability to create their own side job by getting paid to post magnetic content and pictures. Insta-Influencers can collaborate with brands to market campaigns, products and locations by combining photo-sharing and story-telling. Through photos, captions, hashtags and interaction with your commenters – you can create a basis for charging a nice fee per picture or story.

The price that brands are willing to pay will vary based on the specific brand, and their budget as well as your following, and interaction.

Before you get started – hop over to Instagram and turn your account into a Business Account. Why would you not? You’ll need the insights provided by this type of account.

While some brands pay between $5 to $10 per thousand followers, others offer $100 per 100 followers and still others pay only in free swag.

Divide and Conquer

Take a look at your Instagram account. Is the content extremely varied? Consider creating an Instagram account for each of your interests. Do you offer travel reviews? Create an Instagram targeted to that so that you can separate that content from other very specific content. Try creating an account for each subject area of your blog/online presence.

Take a quick moment to search some of the pet/animal Instagram accounts. Very niche – with large followings. Don’t try to throw all of your content into one account. Divide your interests and conquer those topics one account at a time.

These targeted accounts and followers will come in handy for monetization as the account grows.


Try to post at least one picture a day and possibly 5 – 7 stories per day. Yes, life gets busy and even we aren’t publishing that often to our Bloggy Conference account – but on other owned networks and accounts we are.

Build Community

Invite your readers and followers to share their content with you. Create a hashtag they can use to share when they’ve tried your recipes. Ask your followers to submit their images for feature on your Instagram.

Interact with your followers when they comment on your pictures. Visit their Instagram and leave a meaningful comment. When they feel connected – they are more likely to seek out your new content.

Establish Rates

Once you have reached a following and community interaction level where brands are willing to pay for your influence – you can set your rate or range of rates for these sponsored posts.

What should your following be? This will depend on the brand. Some brands may not pay until you’ve reached 10,000 whereas some will begin to send product for feature when you’ve reached a few thousand. So, until you begin to really begin a following – don’t expect brands to be willing to pay for posts. But don’t give up! Build that following!

As your following grows, don’t forget to update your rates to reflect that increase.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of Instagram Influencers that are not bloggers and don’t even use any other platform for social media marketing. Think Instagram may be THE platform for you? Give it a try and work on it daily!

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