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How to Present Your Business at a Conference

How to Present Your Business at a Conference

Figuring out how to best present your business at a conference can be a bit tricky. When you attend an industry-specific conference, it can be tough to figure out how to stand out from the crowd. You know there will be plenty of other businesses there that fit the same niche as you, yet you need to figure out a way to convince potential clients that your business is hands-down the best.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Figuring out how to make your business stand out from all of the others takes a little creativity. Certainly tabling is an effective tool- with a slight investment, you will have a spot where clients can identify your company as a presence in the industry. At that table, you will want physical information to hand out to potential clients, items that they can review at a later date when they have more time. Get some business cards and brochures printed through Quill, so that you are well prepared to pass out information at your table. You’ll want to perfect your pitch so that as you hand potential clients your cards and brochures, you are catching their interest with a few key facts about your business.

Securing Continued Interest

After you have pitched your business, and handed out cards and brochures, you’ll need to convert those potential clients into sales. Doing so requires that you have a working website, or at the minimum some kind of online presence where people can reach you. Deluxe can help you with marketing, website creation and hosting, and even a great e-mail address. These are critical to your success in maintaining relationships with potential clients and converting them into long-term clients.

Networking at a Conference

The beauty of a conference is that you are surrounded by folks involved in your industry. Make sure to get up and network as much as possible- you never know how it will benefit you, but it certainly will. Carry a few business cards on you and whenever an interesting conversation pops up that you feel could lead to some mutually beneficial exchange, be sure to hand over your card.

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