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Are You Prepared for Influencer Marketing?

Are You Prepared for Influencer Marketing?

Mar 2017

So, you want to be a social media influencer? Today we’re going to share a couple current tips and trends and why they matter to you.

What is Influencer Marketing?

You’ve seen it, everyday across all social media channels and blogs. It’s a non-traditional approach to marketing where brands focus their efforts on opinion leaders as opposed to the marketing methods you grew up seeing through commercials, newspaper/magazine ads, and banner ads.

Influencers have built an audience within a particular niche and use a varietey of platforms to share their thoughts and opinions with their following. When brands collaborate with influencers, the influencer is usually compensated to discuss or showcase a particular item, service, product or event. If you’re reading this, you likely already know about sponsored campaigns and collaborations!

Influencer Marketing Will Explode In 2017

The thing is, influencer marketing continues to grow at a very rapid pace and is ever-changing. This directly affects you as you try to build your audience, influence, impact and income online. A recent survey revealed that 84% of marketers plan on executing at least one influencer marketing campaign during the next 12 months.

This means that more and more brands are becoming aware of the potential to successfully complete influencer marketing campaigns with you! Regardless of your niche, brands are waking up to the reality of their need for influencers to further the discussion around their product or service. That trend will continue to grow!

If you have a blog, an Instagram, a Facebook or a YouTube then there are growing possibilities for collaborating with brands. There has never been a better time to build your influence online.

The Influencer Marketing Gold Rush Is Coming: Are You Prepared?

This means that more money is beginning to flow into this marketing category.

Marketing always has a trending buzzword. Several years ago, it was content marketing. Before that, it was social marketing. Regardless, as soon as the buzz grows, so does the number of brands investing in it. We’ll call this the Gold Rush.

Now, with topics like ad fraud and ad blocking on the rise, budgets are shifting toward earned media. Companies want distribution options that won’t be blocked and that they know can reach the right audiences. Read More

NOW Is The Time To Build

Being prepared when brands come your way is key. You must have a well-established following and influence which means you need a platform and content.

Review your platforms. Which do you need to succeed in your niche? Begin adding quality content with appropriate key words, tags and get social with your audience!

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